Friday, 13 February 2015

Blooming Week

 A week blooming of inspirations it was.

The highlight was an inspiring workshop 
with Rosana & Ina at Effat University.
The two skillful couches 
"held the mirrors for us" to see who we are, as Rozan simply explained.

Often we cannot control or change an uncomfortable situation. What we can control is our reaction to the situation, which changes the perception of the situation.

We shared our stories of failure, 
sighted with relief 
and the fulness of fresh perspectives. 
Thoroughly enjoyed the hands-on activities that enabled us to reprogram our response to failure...and re-evaluate it as part of our transformation.

Then, came across Lauren Singer ,
Lauren has produced no trash for the past 2years. Unbelievable,yet after finding more about her, it is do-able and with no sweat...just a few pinches until we get into the trash free routine. 

This turned my attention to my neglected recycling habits (during the past 2 years in Saudi). Alright, recycling here isn't as accessible as elsewhere, but the option exists.
I can carry the recycled material to work) 
The option exists
and excuses are no longer accepted. :)
Embracing the holy of it all.

...I'm already feeling the flirty air of this coming weekend!
One more chance to treat a special someone,
your self!;)

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