Friday, 23 January 2009

Music to the sky...!!

Στη θαλασσα αφήσαμε τον αγέρα
να τυλίξει τα μελωδικα μας χαμόγελα.
Μεσα απ’ τα διψασμένα χέρια
πετούν όλοι του κόσμου οι στεναγμοι
αυτοί σε νανουρίζουν καθε που ξεχνίεσαι σ΄ενα ακρογιαλι
γι’ αυτό στο ξύπνημα
με τη θαλασσα στα πόδια
παντα σου μένει η εντύπωση
πως έστω και για λίγο
ταξιδεψες καπου,
έστω με μια αναπνοή.

Το παραπανω γραφτήκε κατω απο την επίδραση αυτής της φωτογραφίας,
ειδικα για αυτή τη φωτογραφια.
Την οποία τραβηξε ο Δημήτρης.
Βρίσκεται και εδω:

Dimitri, thank you for everything!

Thursday, 22 January 2009

when the night came

You asked for freedom to use me in the dream…but I don’t want to hurry…
often, when I let the passion drag me….I end up losing interest on the journey
longing only for the shore.

But at night the dream run,
and washed out
washed me out
washed out everything that stood still
as soon as you passed through the threshold..

Yet, I do not want to tell you what kind of music we played
I’ll tell you only that…
everything started under the olive tree, continued by the fireplace
and am not sure if its over now…

We flew away
stars and peace
with such an ease

My dearest, my heart pumps for the following reunion…
I’ll collect again
breath and magic, the darkness and the light.
Let’s make this olive tree bloom and then
they might imagine what we can see!


Saturday, 3 January 2009

If I only could see you for a bit, I know...

nothing would change. Its still too early and cold in here.

That summer week will keep haunting me,
sshhh...yeah and we'll keep meeting up there,
not yet here, its still too early my dearest.

I got faith in me. The journey might be long, but the time will come. and there will be no place for fear nor trembling.

Next time you find me talking with the Ocean
don't hesitate a minute. Grad me , i don't give a Goddamn who this Ocean is!
just take me with you, away.