Monday, 17 November 2008


The night splintered into stars
watching me dazzled
the air hurls hate
its face embellished with music.

We will go soon

Secret dream
ancestor of my smile
the world is emaciated
and there is a lock but no keys
and there is terror but not tears.

What will I do with myself?

Because to You I owe what I am

But I have no tomorrow

Because to You I...

The night suffers.

- Alejandra Pizarnik

photo by Marieta Fuertes

Wednesday, 5 November 2008


stop And experience

Took this picture

on my first (and only)night at Bath, after watching the amazing comedy walk 'Bizarre Bath'. The continuous raining during the 'bizarre'
walking tour around the city's historical attractions didn't put me off. after a drink at the Huntsman Inn I decided to head back to Edgar townhouse.

Walking rapidly into the pouring rain
feeling almost displeased with my wet feet
the only think I anticipated for was to reach my warm room.

I get this sometimes...keep my self busy with what I want to do next.
instead of keeping my senses and mind open to the present experiences.

that night it didn't take me long to get back my mind-fullness.
Bath, is a kind of place in which u can escape from many,
but not so easy to escape from present.

River Avon was singing furiously by me
turn towards it and this was revealed

the rain was so skillfully lighted up...

a surprice last-good-view over the Roman Baths eαrlier on
ladies toilet window! (Really!!)


Lee in Devon

Lee C , a very interesting person and a great new photographer
Here are some of the photos he took:

Monday, 3 November 2008

Aquasolis and Bath

talk to me Aquasolis
talk to me
let your mist run up to my face
and I' ll melt from your pureness
I'll run through there red rocks
I wanna be sacrificed,
Sacrifice my self to you
till this spring run
I wanna blend with these millions curses and blesses.

till I ll become a blessing
Why still people throw gold and silver
we do not live by these
neither do they,
Dead they might be, with them
or without

Talk to me my dear and let me draw
the path where your liquids run next

run reight
warm blood
into my vain

You are the Goddess and
me the mournings
that came along the Spring