Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Performance: Temple of Nothing

Would like to share with you some information about the performance I am taking part this summer.
'On a blank-white-canvas, glamorous, stunning, cheeky, real, raw and true. 15 women writer/performers/artists all sculptured in white merge and intertwine to create the first of a series of earth quaking performances, giving birth to new myths, and exploding conventional icons and traditions. Its time. It's showtime...' as Belinda says.

On 16th July 2009
Tickets from Exeter Phoenix 
Here is the official site for the company:

This is a video of the team while photo shooting . :)

Tuesday, 31 March 2009


You’ll save the world
with a baton,
a costume
and a laptop in the hand.

Yeah. Much you care whether he is drunk or stoned.
Together we share the supermarket dance.
At least this lad knows how screwed he is
And tries to get himself drawn
Not to see the shit-hole you've turned all this into.

A closed loop the alcohol
Enough mold.

Hey you! Everything has been offered to you. Without you.
And you are thrown into the arena
A shadow fighting
Bleeding ghosts
Where? Don’t ask me!
I got used to drinkingblood and live with it!
Bless God!

Uneasy why do you feel?
As if you haven’t seen
Any dead person today.
Ha! Try to remember.
Have you seen any alive?
No, he got sold yesterday.
Tell me! Anybody Alive have you seen?

Written for Angelo who i met last night in the street dressed as a cop. no he hadnt been to a fancy dressing party


Θα σώσετε τον κόσμο μ΄ενα ροπαλο,
Τη στολη σας
Κι ενα λάπτοπ στο χερι.
Μαλάκες! Ναι και πολύ που σας νοιάζει
αν είναι μεθυσμένος ή φτιαγμένος.
Κι εσύ μαζι μας στο χορό του σουπερμάρκετ.
Ετούτος τουλαχιστο ξέρει το χαλι του
Και θέλει να πνιγεί μες το μπουκάλι
Μπάς και δεν βλέπει πως τα ρημάξατε όλα.

Θηλεία το αλκοόλ.
Μες σε σαπια μαγειρεύουμε.
Ρε! στα δινουν όλα
Και σε ριχνουν στην αρένα
Σκιά να πολεμάς
φαντάματα που αιμορραγούν-

Που? Mη με ρωτάς εμενα!
Εγω συνήθησα
να πίνω αίμα και να ζω,

Δόξα σοι ο Θεός ομως!

Τι κομπλάρεις?
Λες κι εσύ δεν εχεις δει νεκρούς σήμερα.
Χα. Για θυμήσου.
Είδες κανα ζωντανό?
Οχι, κι αυτός πουλήθηκε προχτες
Ζωντανό ρε!
Ειδες κανενα?

Για τον Αγγελο
που έγινε μπάτσος.

painting of Klimt, Death and Life

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Dead end or a push forward

In your ignorance we pay the fees for misery
Our milk and bread feeds slaughters.

Tomorrow, in your bloody ignorance
you’ ll murder more kids than yesterday.

But you, don't worry. Keep on living
like an obese  fashionable rat
under your fat others suffocate poisoned by gazes, famine, abuse.

Tonight, sweet dreams my dears.
But let me go first.

Dreaming & poetry is good.
But I promise I want do any more

No more
until the actions take place.

Its so early but i feel exhausted.
exhausted rat.

Monday, 23 February 2009

Poetry, feathers and flowers

Totnes is an inspiration!
The poetry crew

My eyes a valley of pedals

Tim, looking like a veggie

Cameron, what a youthful old chap!

Cameron drawing to us the musical instrument he created on his own.

A year later or so, Cameron's instrument was created.
You can get a poor-quality sample of the beauty of this exquisite instrument here:

Feel so much like home there. Home, meaning the place where your heart can easily rest and smile.
a feeling controversially very different to the one that my literal home, Cyprus often evokes in me.

Tonight I met up with some lovely people and passionate artists.
along with reading and chatting we played. In the game in which each of us was given a swan's feather and the only direction we had was to as write something descriptive about the feather.
Walking alongside imagination I wrote the above:

Oh, thats the fairy that appeared while i was trying to write...:)
she came very handy.

Swan's feathers

The air runs
through your soft
white legs
and your shiver.

The water sings
wavy melodies
upon your royal pathways.

Your basis, transparent,
the higher it gets
the stronger
the opaque smell becomes.

While falling
I saw you transforming
into a dove-fairy
whose dance
colored red
the icy surface.

You dived in
But still, still
the water
when you rested

in it's cold arms.

Million spasms,
cracks in the dream
when you shot at the heart
of the crystal reflections.


Saturday, 21 February 2009

Όπου αγαπάς μη πολυ πάς__

Όπου αγαπάς μη πολυ πάs __ at the place you love, don't go too often
κι αν πολύ πας __ and if you go too often

μην πολυ κατσεις __ don't stay for too long
κι αν πολυ κατσεις __ and if you stay for too long
να μην πολυμιλείς __ don't talk too much
κι αν πολυμιλείς __ and if you talk too much
να κατέχεις να τα λές. __ be very aware of what you say.

Λουδοβίκος των Ανωγείων Loudovikos ton anogion

i tried to give the closest translation possible

Lay & dive

... lay upon some silver-gold leafs...
..its so beautiful down here...
we don't need to go...hush...
listen the to the walking ...daffodils
we don't need to go
penetrate__ the silence
and sing with me.

Monday, 16 February 2009

Let go and Dance

--Its a weird story..:
-Tell me.
-a week ago I was with a friend of mine in an art café at the Barbican. I was having some hot chocolate. This man entered, holding a big African drum. (boom boom)
We greeted him and he talked with us for a bit. ..and went on doing what we were doing before he got in.
He sat at the bar, & ordered something there.
Suddenly, he started talking very loudly! On his own!
We were quite shocked!
I thought he was mad ( if he was , it wouldn’t be the first time I would have seen a really mad person in that café) until he started playing the drums..
-ahh . . .
-and I realized that he was actually narrating a poem! the whole situation seemed very stange and I was getting curious to find more about it.
-go on. .
-so I went closer to the bar, stood in front of him and tried to make sense of what he was saying. for some reason I found it hard.. Maybe because of the drum that he was playing simultaneously. So I could not resist not to ask him ‘what the fuck was all that about?’
-you said it like that?
-no..of course not!
-what was it about?
in another language?
-he told me that he was getting ready for a poetry night at the art centre
-and he had a quite sad face when he said that, because as he said a guy was going to accompany his poem with a guitar, but this guy didn’t make it at the end.
-ok, so he asked you.
-u r quick! yeah he did
-I told him that I didn’t know how to play the guitar. And he said ok with a sympathetic almost miserable smile. I felt a bit sorry for the old chap, and tried to think of how I could maybe help him. So.. I said to him ‘but i know how to dance thu’
-so you danced.
-I danced…and the drums drove me mad
-everyone watched . . And was transported to another universe
-everyone was transported, including me ...
-what a wonderful evening. So you became friends that way.

-well I knew him before that. so i did the magic dance, it fitted very well with the rhythm of the drums! Then I agreed to do something like that in half an hour at the Art center.
So this is what happened at the Plymouth Art Venter that night.

* The Above conversation is closely based on a real conversation I had with Mark.

My friend recorded the performance we did. Its not a great recording or a great dance, but keeping in mind that everything was totally spontaneous, I am happy with it.


Saturday, 7 February 2009


On my 21st I had a good time.
I met Antrea, a beautiful Spanish poet with whom we fished the roze clouds among the Barbican and the Hoe. they were so magically beautiful!!!

at night I was happy seeing my friends enjoying themselves at the party.
I for some reason felt a particular strange weight in me that day.
But still my day was full of drunk clouds & good hearted people.
Antrea & the Moon

These are enough
more than enough to make me smile...on a bright day ! :)

x x x

Thursday, 5 February 2009


I would like to put an end...

but it might be a shame,
none of my best pieces has
seen the light yet.

I shall make patience
this painting needs more colors
few fading pencil lines
unsettled clouds
a lone dove
scratch through the glass

a fall

Friday, 23 January 2009

Music to the sky...!!

Στη θαλασσα αφήσαμε τον αγέρα
να τυλίξει τα μελωδικα μας χαμόγελα.
Μεσα απ’ τα διψασμένα χέρια
πετούν όλοι του κόσμου οι στεναγμοι
αυτοί σε νανουρίζουν καθε που ξεχνίεσαι σ΄ενα ακρογιαλι
γι’ αυτό στο ξύπνημα
με τη θαλασσα στα πόδια
παντα σου μένει η εντύπωση
πως έστω και για λίγο
ταξιδεψες καπου,
έστω με μια αναπνοή.

Το παραπανω γραφτήκε κατω απο την επίδραση αυτής της φωτογραφίας,
ειδικα για αυτή τη φωτογραφια.
Την οποία τραβηξε ο Δημήτρης.
Βρίσκεται και εδω:

Dimitri, thank you for everything!

Thursday, 22 January 2009

when the night came

You asked for freedom to use me in the dream…but I don’t want to hurry…
often, when I let the passion drag me….I end up losing interest on the journey
longing only for the shore.

But at night the dream run,
and washed out
washed me out
washed out everything that stood still
as soon as you passed through the threshold..

Yet, I do not want to tell you what kind of music we played
I’ll tell you only that…
everything started under the olive tree, continued by the fireplace
and am not sure if its over now…

We flew away
stars and peace
with such an ease

My dearest, my heart pumps for the following reunion…
I’ll collect again
breath and magic, the darkness and the light.
Let’s make this olive tree bloom and then
they might imagine what we can see!


Saturday, 3 January 2009

If I only could see you for a bit, I know...

nothing would change. Its still too early and cold in here.

That summer week will keep haunting me,
sshhh...yeah and we'll keep meeting up there,
not yet here, its still too early my dearest.

I got faith in me. The journey might be long, but the time will come. and there will be no place for fear nor trembling.

Next time you find me talking with the Ocean
don't hesitate a minute. Grad me , i don't give a Goddamn who this Ocean is!
just take me with you, away.